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Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition Hosts the Five Essentials of Successful Ranch Management

NGLC –UNL Extension Traveling Road Show (November 18, 19, 20 &21)

The Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition and UNL Extension hosted Burke Teichert, noted ranch management speaker and former General Manager of the Rex Ranches from the Nebraska Sandhills who presented “The Five Essentials for Successful Ranch Management”.

Meeting dates, locations and attendees were as follows:

November 18, Sidney, NE, 40 attendees

November 18, Curtis, NE, 140 attendees

November 19, Blue Hill, NE, 30 attendees

November 19, Beatrice, NE, 60 attendees

November 20, Bloomfield, NE, 20 attendees

November20, Burwell, 60 attendees

November 21, Whitman, 40 attendees

November 21, Chadron, 85 attendees

Approximately 475 farmers, ranchers, students, NRCS field staff, etc. received information about the basic essentials about successful ranch management with a heavy focus on intensive grazing management.

The registration fee for all students (high school FFA members and college agriculture students) was covered by NGLC.

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